Screenwriting Up-Close

Keren has had personal experience in all aspects of filmmaking, including as a writer, producer, director, actor, and cinematographer. Keren knows the process inside and out – from that first flicker of an idea, through to watching it on the big screen.

A love of story comes through in every aspect of Keren’s writing, a true storyteller who fully enjoys the art and process of screenwriting.  Keren writes action-adventure stories that explore the strange, unusual and/or topical issues of our time while still managing to bring enough heart and soul to her characters that audiences will laugh and cry along with them.

After personally training with Stella Adler, at the Stella Adler Conservatory West in Los Angeles, and working as an actor for several years, Keren moved into Talent Management – first with Haylee Winters & Associates and later at Isabella & Associates and the Partos Company. Keren also taught acting in both New Zealand and Los Angeles as well as working as an on-set acting coach for over a decade.

In 2003, Keren created the non-profit entity, The Movie Club, Inc., through which she taught professional-level filmmaking. Keren facilitated and line produced the production of thirteen movies (30 – 45 mins each).

Her short-story anthology, Off the Edge, can be found on and digitally on all major e-book sites. Keren’s flash fiction has been published in Flash Fiction Magazine and Down in the Dirt.

Keren studied for her MFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University and earned her Master Screenwriting Certificate at ScreenwritingU.

She currently writes fulltime in a yurt. Keren maintains dual citizenship with USA/Canada and residency in NZ. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband and four children.