“Both incredibly epic and deeply personal, “Ark” is a powerful and human sci-fi adventure with an intriguing and frighteningly topical high concept and compelling characters. The spectacle matches the scale of the circumstances and is often breathtaking as we see the apocalyptic environmental disasters reach an unparalleled scale. The script is not afraid to bring it all in portraying the near destruction of the planet, and the possible demise of the human race itself. Yet even with the stakes this high and the visceral appeal this huge, the characters are never overshadowed. The script keeps the personal touch, making for an engaging story. Cale is a dynamic and sympathetic hero, a man who has lost so much, just as everyone has, and his motivation is directly tied to his memory of his family. Just like Dr. Grace, he has not lost hope, and thus the audience won’t either. Reyes is a complex and well-developed villain. He poses a real and effective threat, but he is not one-dimensional in his villainy. He really does want the survival of the species, and while he and Cale are opposed, we get the sense that they could be on the same side in different circumstances.”