Back on Earth

“At its heart, this is an emotionally complex, intelligently-written coming of age story about an angsty teen struggling to deal with his resentment over being torn from his home. Surrounding this is a politically complex macro storyline with a lot of subtleties and depth concerning a government that willfully ignores evil to avoid war. The imaginative world of this show is thoroughly developed with a ‘Game of Thrones’ level of detail featuring a number of fully realized alien species with distinct histories and cultures. There’s even a well-developed shorthand throughout the piece featuring alien curse words. Impressively, the writer throws the audience into this world head-first, allowing the viewer to gradually discern information on their own from context rather than burying them in forced exposition. The exciting opening sequence launches the story right away while economically introducing a number of alien races. Spence is a profound, flawed and emotionally complex protagonist who is as noble and brave as he is selfish, giving him room to grow. His silences speak volumes as he says few words, allowing subtext to carry a wealth of meaning. The writer does an excellent job subtly showing alien racism towards humans without being on the nose about it.”