UnderLand – Sci-Fi/Action

Currently in development

A near-future, one-hour, serialized, sci-fi/action drama following a self-medicating, teen soldier tasked with saving humanity as she quickly loses grasp of reality. 


UNDERLAND dives into tragedy, loss and the response of wanting to turn it all off.  It explores alternate realities that are co-existing just beyond our comprehension, and how, sometimes, it’s actually the people and things we least expect that will save us in the end.

Why Now?

2020 was tough. 2021 wasn’t any easier.  2022… we’re afraid to hope.  Surrounded by one crisis after another, pandemic, climate, violence, racism, the economy… it goes on and on.  And we face the news reporting studies of, “Best Places to Live After the Collapse.”  No wonder we’re tense. Sometimes it feels like it is easier to just check out, turn off – stop feeling. It’s not. The world and our lives are worth fighting for.

Through Mae’s journey, UNDERLAND ultimately explores how it is better to feel all the pain in the world than to feel nothing at all

When humanity tumbles into a lower-level reality where monsters are real and deadly, it will take seeing what we forgot to look at, facing what we’re afraid to feel, and the hope and wisdom of children to find our way back from UNDERLAND.


Thirteen years after the invasion, a drug addicted, teen soldier’s sense of reality becomes questionable when she’s taken under the wing of a grizzly, old mentor that no one else can see, however, after a gruesome attack on her troop, she’ll have to lead a pack of young survivors through the monster-infested forest to the promise of a sanctuary… that may or may not exist.

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