Back on Earth – Sci-Fi/Action

Currently in development with Wild Greens and Zaza Productions.

A present-day, 1-hour, serialized, sci-fi/action drama. BACK ON EARTH is dark and edgy with a sense of humor.


A fun, fast-paced, present-day, coming-of-age story about a group of dysfunctional teens trying to survive in a world that’s been turned upside down.

BACK ON EARTH explores what would happen if we were to awaken to alien forces surrounding us.

We are more divided than ever, racism is out of control, science is constantly doubted, conspiracy theories are believed more than the news, and, if nothing else, 2020 taught us that our lives can change in an instant. At this point, would aliens arriving really shock anyone?

What if on the drive home from work tonight, we all learned that aliens are not only real, but are here on Earth, working in league with our governments, AND… the Universe is teetering on the brink of intergalactic war?

Would humanity be able to overcome the division and hatred that has grown between us in order to pull together and overcome the new threat?

Yeah, probably not…


When an angsty teen returns to Earth with his alien BFFs ten years after his abduction, they force full disclosure and inadvertently spark an intergalactic war. Now, with all sides against them and half of society hoping like hell that they’ll reveal themselves to be superheroes, the teens will have to discover if they are destined to be Earth’s saviors or its doom.

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