PROGENY Z – Sci-Fi/Action

Currently in development with The Gillen Group.

It’s 2059 and the skies are burning –

What’s left of the Earth’s population is crowded into five domes located in major cities around the world. The domes protect the people from the poisonous air baking what’s left outside. 

Dr. Cale Costello is Chief Scientist of the Los Angeles Dome, and his daughter is dying.

Cale knows the only thing that can save her is in the Ark, a repository of DNA from the Earth’s long-extinct plants and animals. 

But the Ark has been missing for decades, and the trail has run cold.

To buy more time, Cale’s team tries to repair the atmosphere, but the project fails and causes an extinction-level event. The President orders a planetary evacuation of key scientists and VIP residents, leaving the remaining citizens to perish.

But Cale can’t evacuate—his daughter has run away in search of the Ark.

Cale must trust an exiled scavenger with an agenda of his own to lead him through the wastelands to find his little girl – 

Before the shuttles launch without them.

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