PROGENY Z – Sci-Fi/Action

Currently in deep development with The Gillen Group.

PROGENY Z is a one-hour, near-future, sci-fi drama, grounded in hard environmental science. Tonally, it is a sharp-edged, apocalyptic survival tale softened by the unflinching hope of a child on a mission.

It’s 2059: the only hope for life on Earth lies in the ARK – a long lost repository of DNA of all Earth’s extinct plants and animals.

A widowed scientist’s precocious ten-year-old daughter escapes the safety of the dome that’s kept her alive, to search for the ARK in the poisonous wastelands of ruined cities and dead oceans.

The scientist must put aside lifelong prejudices, form unlikely alliances, and fight to find his daughter before she succumbs to the lung disease that killed his wife, and return to the dome where shuttles await to evacuate the elite before the planet fractures.

PROGENY Z is the story of a fight for survival – for a child, for humanity and for the 99% destined to be left behind.

Rip-o-matic Feel Reel: