Produced or In Development

  • Progeny Z  (one-hour drama – in development)  Sequoia Pictures and The Gillen Group
  • Back on Earth (one-hour sci-fi drama – in development) Wild Greens & Zaza Productions
  • Ghosted (short-form series – in development) Wild Greens & Zaza Productions
  • Holding South (produced short – proof of concept – writer/director) Wild Greens
  • Defense +4 (produced short – writer/director) Wild Greens
  • Heart of Stone (feature – script) Wild Greens
  • Insight (produced short – script/producer) Wild Zoetrope
  • Empty (produced shortscript) Wild Greens
  • Belfast Boys (produced short – script/producer)  Nye Green, director
  • Ten O’Clock  (produced short – script) Rhys Green, director
  • Waiting for Moore  (produced web-series – 5 episodes – writer/director)  BARK productions
  • In the Mirror (produced short – writer/director) Wild Greens
  • Boy Meets Girl (produced short – writer/director) Wild Greens
  • This Side of There  (produced play) Mark Ingram, director  – Hippo Productions (Auckland NZ)
  • The Cave (produced short – writer/director) Wild Greens


  • Off the Edge (Anthology of short stories) Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Smashwords
  • Fate of the World  (flash fiction – Dec. 24, 2016) Flash Fiction Magazine
  • Alone (flash fiction – June 2017 issue) Down in the Dirt Magazine


Keren’s full resume and work experience can be viewed here.